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Our people. Our stories.



Every great innovator was first a dreamer

Creostudios puts "human creativity" at the heart of its processes: a team made up of people with different backgrounds, experiences and mindsets to come up with innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. Our strength lies in the fusion of ideas and the ability to establish multifaceted and dynamic work teams.

Lorenzo Gennuso

CEO & Founder

Massimilano Iacobellis

COO & Founder

Giovanna Guglielmi

Operations Manager

Giuseppe Sturchio

Head of Operations

Fabrizio Gaglioti

Creative Director

Jacopo Maria Vassallo

Key Account Manager

Ylenia Franco

Corporate Marketing and Communication, Senior Project Manager

Chiara Manieri

Corporate Marketing and Communication, R&D and Innovation Manager

Natalia Kulikova

International Business Development Manager

John Murnane

International Development & Corporate Communication Specialist

Pietro Montaldo

New Product Development Manager

Valentina Testa

Accounting and Administrative Manager

Manuela Banchio

Art Director & Retail Visual Merchandising Specialist

Emanuele Starace

Senior 3D Artist and CGI Designer

Giulia La Ganga

Digital Art Director & UX Designer

Giacomo Gallenca

Project Supervisor

Selene Rigatelli

3D Artist & Immersive Experience Designer

Simone Coppola

Photo Video Producer

Francesco Ubertalli

Photo Video Producer

Erika Banchio

Head Photographer

Gabriele Merlin

Head Photographer

Silvia Destefanis

Post Producer

Federica Menghini

Visual Designer UX UI

Eladia Sillo

Senior Project Manager

Riccardo Ferro

Art Director

Elena Deffacis

Corporate Marketing and Communication, Sustainability Specialist

Carla Capello

Virtual Reality Engineer

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